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Bunch of grapes embroidered bottle apron

3 April 2016
tablier pour bouteille brodé aux raisins rouges

You do NOT want to be near me when I’m trying to make a decision. And by this I don’t mean should-I-take-that-job-in-Thailand or should-I-invest-in-real-estate. Those are big decisions that understandably take up a lot of brainpower, but I am talking about the little things, including this embroidered bottle apron.

I hesitate – at length – between meals at a restaurant, taking into account the originality of the dishes, the ingredients used (chicken is a no-no as I eat a lot of it at home), whether the risotto has got cream in it or not, whether I could make the dish myself at home or not, how hungry I really am, and finally, the price.

Choosing my next book to read is also a complicated exercise, especially now that I have this blog where I publish book reviews. I start thinking about a million different things, trying to take everything into account: maybe I should branch out a bit more and read a sci-fi novel? But what about another nice British classic? I still have several Jane Austens on my list. But Emma was annoying and I never even made it past the first chapter of Persuasion so maybe I should just remember how good Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey and Sense and Sensibility were and move on? And what about a French novel? Has it been translated into English so my English-speaking readers will be able to understand my future book review? And so on.

I made this embroidered bottle apron one morning at my aunt’s house in the countryside and got on everyone’s nerves while deciding what to do with it. I had already done this wine glass design and was thinking of a bunch of grapes this time. Pinterest was once again a blessing and a curse, providing me with (too) many ideas. And the flow of thoughts started again:

 What kind of grapes do I really want to embroider? A realistic design, with a few grapes scattered across a plate? Not enough space for that. An old-fashioned affair with a few vine leaves? But I don’t have any purple embroidery thread with me: should I wait until I get back to Paris to do it? But I want to do this today. Besides, I’m not sure the purple would go with the red borders… So should I use red thread? But grapes aren’t red, they’re purple. Or maybe light green? But then what’s the point of having red borders? Or what about embroidering a nice slab of cheese instead?

I hummed and hawed, voiced another half dozen concerns and finally just got started, holding the little embroidered bottle apron at arm’s length every few stitches to try and get an idea of what it would look like at the end. It did not give me the slightest clue.

I’m still not sure that my decision was the best one, but I’m glad that I finally made it. And I think my pixelated grapes are quite cute! What do you think?

tablier pour bouteille brodé aux raisins rouges

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