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Roasted potato peel crisps

13 February 2017
chips d'épluchures de pommes de terre

I really love Saturday mornings. I wake up whenever I feel like it, mooch about in my pyjamas and fluffy dressing gown and savour the idea of the full two days of free time that lay ahead. I often start cooking a big dish of something warm and comforting before I have even had breakfast: a big pot of soup, a veggie lasagna, roast potatoes… Having delicious leftovers in the fridge makes the upcoming week so much easier!

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Food Starters and snacks Vegetarian

Quick and easy vegetarian appetisers

18 December 2016

I am by no means a vegetarian, but I try (and often fail) to avoid meat on a daily basis. So when I turned 25 last week and had some friends over to celebrate, I decided to keep the snacks meat-free. Judging from the complete and utter absence of leftovers (!), I think I can safely say that they were a success. Or that could just mean that I didn’t make enough food. Moving on!

I didn’t make anything complicated or fancy, but with simple ingredients and some nice dishware the whole evening felt special. I thought I’d share what I made so you have some ideas of vegetarian appetisers for your next party!

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Making potstickers on a rainy day

7 September 2015
Making potstickers

I have never understood people who don’t like rainy days. I love rain! Well, less so when I had planned to go on a picnic. But what isn’t there to love about light summer rain? It’s pretty to look at and pleasant to feel on your skin when you walk home from work. And in the winter months, apparently when it rains it’s slightly less cold, which is a good thing for those of us who often miss the boiling hot temperatures of Mauritius.

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