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Little embroidered pouch

21 January 2016
Pochette brodée

I made this embroidered pouch on my way to Strasbourg, whiling away the train ride by chatting and embroidering colourful tropical fish.

I finally decided on the fish from this pin after having tried and failed to draw a wave design that would be suitable for cross stitch. I discovered that making soft round shapes with squares was somehow out of my capacity, and after losing my temper over a drawing, I thought it would be better to do something different and avoid taking all the fun out of it!

I thought of waves and fish because of the sandy and watery colors of the pouch. I think this could be a nice little embroidered pouch to put your sunglasses and phone in at the beach, or even to keep your passport and plane tickets in when travelling.

It’s a very simple design but I hope you’ll like it!

Pochette brodée

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