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Going green in the bathroom

3 November 2016

In my last article, I told you about the products I use around my apartment for a more eco-friendly home that cuts back on waste. This week, I have a similar theme to tackle. I’ve decided to write about the cosmetics and personal hygiene products that I have been using since I started making my way towards a greener lifestyle!

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Food Mains

Mauritian sausage rougail

12 September 2016
rougail saucisse

I don’t often write about Mauritius around here, but I lived on the island for 7 years and my memories there make up a big part of my childhood. “Rougail saucisse” is a classic Mauritian dish that is very easy to make but requires some patience as each part of the meal needs to simmer so as to acquire maximum flavour.

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Multi-coloured tassel bracelets

31 July 2016
Bracelets à pompons multicolores

Some DIY projects demand a lot of attention, depending how used to the craft you are and how objectively difficult it is. In my case, one vivid daydream is enough for me to produce a rather holey woolen scarf that I never really know how to fix. When that happens, I take it to the old lady at the wool store who clicks the needles and fills in the hole in a flash before handing the scarf-to-be back to me, never showing me how to fix it myself. I think she secretly likes the power she has over me by being my scarf-repairer.

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TV Culture

Top 10 Golden Age Simpsons Episodes (1992-1996)

23 May 2016
Top 10 Golden Age Simpsons Episodes (1992-1996)

  (And here is another list by Maxime Kah! Nathalie)

    Let’s not kid ourselves here: there is no way a ten entries list will do justice to the most iconic TV show of all time. The Simpsons, by the way it blended animation, social commentary, and brilliant humour, quickly became one of the most watched and beloved cartoons of the nineties. That being said, there has been criticism as to how the show’s quality has been dwindling, especially during the 21st century. And today, as the Simpsons are onto an impressive, but somewhat formulaic 28th season, one might want to be reminded why this show used to be so great.

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Food Mains

Sweet potato tarte fine (dairy and wheat free!)

20 April 2016
Tarte fine à la patate douce sans lactose et sans blé

I dabbled in vegan cooking for the very first time last weekend! My boyfriend Maxime was recently diagnosed with a series of food intolerances that make traditional cooking less than simple. Being the wonderful girlfriend I am, I took upon myself to prove to him that life without wheat, cow, sheep and goat’s milk, beer, agar agar, egg whites, figs, corn, nuts and wheat yeast did not have to be tasteless. Today’s recipe convinced him of the fact: as they say, the proof is in the pudding!

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