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DIY Embroidery

Embroidered iPhone covers

9 January 2016
coque d'iphone brodée

I have never really understood why people get so excited about smartphones. Sure, they’re very practical, especially when you have a terrible sense of direction and get lost in your own neighbourhood (ahem). And they are impressive machines, when you think of how light and small they are and how much they can do… But I’ve never understood the great interest people take in the latest models, the materials they’re made of or the new features they’ve got!

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TV Culture

Top 10 Family Guy episodes

11 October 2015
Family Guy

Today I’m passing over the microphone (keyboard? PC? I’ll stop now) to my boyfriend Maxime who shares my love for Family Guy, an animated sitcom with outrageous humour. We have both watched virtually all of the episodes, but he took it a step further and chose his top 10! Enjoy.

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