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A few words on the Paris attacks

17 November 2015
A few words about the Paris Attacks

I have been wondering about how to “get back to normal” after the Paris attacks.

Over the past few days, many people have spoken about what happened and the words of hope and support they provided brought me some comfort. However, I personally do not wish to write about last Friday’s events. I think that we are all feeling sad, angry and scared. I could spend time thinking about how to express all of those emotions in a blog article but I have decided not to. Other people will speak of it much better than I could and for the moment I just want to keep to myself and digest what happened. If I didn’t have this (very new) blog, I wouldn’t have said anything “public” at all, despite having thought of little else since I heard the news.

I only want to repeat what we are being told on the news and on the radio: we must not let the country be divided. It would be reductive to blame the government or Islam for what happened. It is so much more complicated than that and I for one don’t feel like I fully understand all the issues involved.

I have several articles ready to be published but I have decided to leave them offline for the next few days. I know we have to get back to normal, but for now I just don’t know how to.


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  • Reply MG 18 November 2015 at 15 h 36 min

    The man who put the open letter on the internet says it best. His wife was killed but he now will raise his little boy to be happy and free.

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