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Embroidered bib with three little ducklings

6 November 2015
Bavoir brodé aux points de croix

I mean just look at that bib! Isn’t it CUTE! It makes me want to kidnap a newborn baby just so I can put this embroidered bib on it. And promptly watch it spit up on it so I don’t feel like keeping it after all.

I am getting to that age where I have a few friends who are settling down, getting engaged or married and starting families. They are still few and far between, but it does make you think about the idea of actually being responsible for another living being (and also how expensive wedding dresses are).

As I have said before, I love spending time on Pinterest and this DIY project was inspired by this pin that I just fell in love with. It’s small and simple, which is the kind of embroidery I feel like doing these days.

I copied it exactly with the shades of yellow I had in my sewing box (read: shoe box), thinking of embroidering just one little duckling in the middle of the bib, but in the end I decided that three little ducklings looked even better. What do you think?

Bavoir brodé aux points de croix

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