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9 May 2016
Sautoir fantaisie brodé aux points de croix

When I initially thought of starting my online shop on A Little Market, I had a lot of fun finding small objects to embroider while half-watching soaps from the 90s on my computer. These necklaces are the result of my first attempts to “mass produce” my cross stitch projects!

It is not always easy to find cross stitch kits that are simultaneously pretty, not too expensive and don’t take forever to finish. So when I found these wooden pendants with pre-cut holes especially made for embroidering, I didn’t have to think for long before buying a few packets of them. I bought several metres of a dark brown chain that I thought would go well with the wooden pendants, measured my own necklaces to get an idea of the ideal length and finally embroidered each piece of wood, making up the patterns as I went along.

These embroidered necklaces are very light and you forget all about them while wearing them. My favourite is the round pendant with the different coloured stripes :)

Sautoir fantaisie brodé aux points de croix

There is one necklace that is different from the rest: it required no embroidery at all! In order to make it, I upcycled the big glass stone from a shawl I bought one year in Mauritius and that came wrapped in a ribbon threaded with various beads. I liked the colours of the beads so much that I kept them in my sewing box although I didn’t know what I was going to do with them. The biggest, prettiest stone found its place on this necklace and I hope to find a suitable fate for the others soon!

Sautoir fantaisie brodé aux points de croix

Sautoir fantaisie brodé aux points de croix

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