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Going green in the bathroom #2

25 April 2017
eco-friendly beauty products 2

A few months ago, I published this article on the eco-friendly beauty and hygiene products I was using to cut back on waste and packaging in the bathroom. Since then, I have discovered a few new ideas that I have decided to share with you today!

eco-friendly beauty and personal hygiene products

Let’s begin with my biggest triumph: superfatted soaps that I buy at my local bulk store. They smell wonderful, do not dry out the skin, contain no animal fats or palm oil, are package-free and made in France! I use these soaps in lieu of face wash and shower gel. And instead of buying specialty face scrubs, I occasionally use a generous pinch of sugar that I keep a small box in the shower.

I still use bottled shampoo, but the one I now use is organic and completely neutral. It comes in a recyclable plastic bottle. It is not specially formulated for greasy, dry or dandruff-prone hair and simply washes the hair without any extra promises thrown in. Using this non-aggressive shampoo along with the occasional clay mask (as I mentioned in my previous article) has cleansed my hair and scalp considerably: my hair stays cleaner for longer and is shinier and stronger, too.

I also now use apricot oil in a recyclable glass bottle instead of face cream in a non-recyclable tube. I pour two or three drops of the oil onto my fingertips, rub it into my palms and then lightly pat my face before massaging the oil in gently. This way, my skin gets just enough hydration without being shiny or greasy.

eco-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste

To brush my teeth, I have finally found two new solutions that I am very happy with. I bought this toothbrush with a reusable handle and a few affordable extra tops you just clip on when you need to throw away the old one. The brush is a little bulky, but I am now so used to it that I don’t even notice anymore. I also tried out the powdered toothpaste Per blan that is a wonderful example of an alternative product that just ticks all the boxes. It is organic, made in France and packaged in all recycled and recyclable materials. Plus, it only costs around 3€ and I can buy it in my local organic store. I like to add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to it, but that’s not really necessary. I must admit that it is not the same as ordinary toothpaste: it is a fine white powder you dip your wet toothbrush into, as opposed to a paste in a tube, so it does take a little getting used to in the beginning!

A few months ago, I also helped fund J’aime mes dents (I love my teeth), a French startup that is about to start selling bamboo toothbrushes that are delivered to your postbox every three months. It may sound strange, but I am actually quite looking forward to receiving my first toothbrush! I hope I will like it, as I would like to have the option of throwing my worn toothbrushes on the compost heap.

At this point, all I could still be missing is organic apricot oil sold in bulk and a neutral, cheap solid shampoo!

Have you tried any of these products before, or do you use other eco-friendly beauty and personal hygiene products at home?

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  • Reply MG 26 April 2017 at 19 h 42 min

    Some good finds there. Unusual to find a manual toothbrush with removable heads. The apricot oil is a nice idea too.

    • Reply Nathalie 27 April 2017 at 13 h 50 min

      I’m glad you think so! I find that the hardest part is finding the right alternative, but once you’ve got there you get used to the natural/eco-friendly products quite quickly!

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