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Embroidered iPhone covers

9 January 2016
coque d'iphone brodée

I have never really understood why people get so excited about smartphones. Sure, they’re very practical, especially when you have a terrible sense of direction and get lost in your own neighbourhood (ahem). And they are impressive machines, when you think of how light and small they are and how much they can do… But I’ve never understood the great interest people take in the latest models, the materials they’re made of or the new features they’ve got!

This being said, not having a smartphone in today’s world can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. I was very glad when my brother gave me his iPhone 4 this summer after he got an upgrade, although a lot of my friends were surprised to see that I had crossed over to the Dark Side! I quickly realised that I needed to find myself a protective cover for it, and when I saw a bunch of soft plastic iPhone covers at a crafts store, it felt like fate (and proper Product/Market fit).

I made several embroidered iPhone covers over the next few months: a colourful zig zag one for me, a Minion for Maxime’s little brother and then a few other ones for iPhone 5 that come either from Pinterest cross stitch patterns or my imagination. I’m quite pleased with them as I tried quite a few different designs (some of which I like more than others) but they all add a colourful handmade touch to the sleek black lines of the iPhone. The contrast is pleasing to me, and I hope you’ll like them too!

coque d'iphone brodée

From left to right: Grumpy Cat, Springtime meadow (my favourite of the lot!), Wifi hobo sign and a somewhat confusing freestyle design that is the result of me not knowing where I’m going

coque d'iphone brodée

From left to right: a very bright heart design, Keep Calm and Carry On, blue anchor and a fox

These two are Maxime’s brother’s phone and mine:

coque d'iphone brodée

And as a bonus, this is a bit of a particular design that I fashioned by sewing a lotus flower (based on this Pin, but I played around with it a bit to make it fit better) in gold on a piece of white Aïda fabric that I then slipped between an iPhone 6 and a clear plastic cover. What do you think?

coque d'iphone brodée

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