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Native American style embroidered bracelet

15 February 2016
Bracelet brodé en simili cuir

What I love about being an introvert is how I can thoroughly enjoy myself while the common onlooker might think I’m not doing much to get excited about.

I spend hours upon hours writing letters and postcards, taking out my collection of writing materials that includes things like a wax stamp, washi tape and colourful stamps. I pick up each object and turn it over in the palm of my hand, waiting for ideas of what to write to surface.

I rearrange my tiny kitchen cupboards, trying to think of ways to use up the pantry staples I have accumulated. This results in tomato fish curry (with no curry powder, as I realise too late that I finished that off the week before) and “coq au vin” made with chicken and leftover white wine.

Bracelet brodé en simili cuir

I run my fingers over my collection of soft embroidery threads, admiring the variety of colours and jotting down the ideas that come to me while looking at them. And occasionally I get an idea that I am particularly proud of and actually follow it through!

This bracelet came together one Saturday afternoon while I watched a few episodes of something or other on my computer. I chose threads that were beginning to feel neglected as I turned again and again to royal blues, apple greens and hot pinks. I love the sharp yet natural contrast between the rusty orange, ochre yellow and the rich brown of the imitation leather.

Bracelet brodé en simili cuir

With this embroidered bracelet, I wanted to follow the Native American trend that seemed to be all over the clothing stores last season. I am always behind with these things. I chose “earthy” colours and fashioned triangles that I imagined being traditionally painted onto the strip of material. I could almost smell the leather and the sharp scent of paint!

As I made this bracelet, I thought back to a costume I wore to pieces as a child. A velvety beige halter dress with a fringed skirt and a bright blue ribbon threaded onto a big grey diamond-shaped stone. I wore the lot with brown sandals and imagined that I looked exactly like Pocahontas. Never mind that I had blonde hair, milk white skin and a gap in my front teeth! That dress was one of my most treasured possessions. I eventually grew out of it and had to part with it, but not without regret. I think that this embroidered bracelet is a suitable adult equivalent, don’t you?

Bracelet brodé en simili cuir

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