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Embroidered purse

8 December 2015
Embroidered purse

I must admit I’m quite proud of this embroidered purse. I mean it’s a daisy! On a pink purse! It looks exactly as I hoped it would.

I can’t take the credit for the sewing technique because I followed this step by step tutorial on Needle N’ Thread, an embroidery blog. When I got back from the Salon de la Création et du Savoir-Faire I went to in November, I knew that this little purse really wanted me to add a white and yellow daisy to it. As I often do in these situations, I turned to Pinterest for help and spent a happy half-hour pinning many different ways of sewing a flower on a piece of fabric.

In the end, I wanted to keep things simple so I chose this easy and efficient way of producing a flower design with very little effort.

It took me longer than planned because I didn’t have the proper tools, especially that circle template used on Needle N’ Thread. I used a broken ruler myself, measuring the width and height of the pouch and finding the middle, then counting 2cm away from the centre to place the dots that would be the green stitches keeping the petals in place. This is what it looked like before I began the sewing:

Embroidered purse

I did all the green stitches and began the white petals before realizing I really should have doubled up the green stitches in order to have petals that would be close together. And because I like doing things properly (and I absolutely hate spending time on a DIY project that doesn’t turn out well), I undid the green stitches and started again, measuring 7mm from each circular mark and then checking it was still 2cm away from the centre. I then redid all of the green stitches (phew!) and could finally get around to the petals.

Luckily, the petals were fun and quick to do. The most time consuming part was the beginning, before I even picked up my needle. That often seems to happen to me! Geometry was never my strong suit.

After having finished all of the petals, I covered the remaining space in the center with a few quick backstitches in yellow. Voilà! What do you think?


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